The Sea of Galilee

What do you believe?

Do you know why you believe it?

Have you ever thought about these questions before?

It’s important to know why we believe the things we do. And it’s important that our beliefs are founded on rock-solid principles. When our beliefs are based on the teachings of God’s word, we can be assured they are right. If our beliefs are based on man’s ideology, no matter how good those ideas may sound, we are headed down a road that leads to trouble.

You see, God’s word, the Bible, is true. And trustworthy. No other book or collection of religious teachings of any faith or belief system is like the Bible. The Bible is unique. Why? Because it is God’s word and not man’s. Sure, God used men to write it down, but they were writing under the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In other words, they weren’t writing what they wanted to or what they thought, they were writing what God instructed them to write. That’s why we call the Bible “the inspired word of God”.

This is a very simple explanation of inspiration, but it’s true. God’s word is truth, without any errors, and a “perfect treasure of divine instruction.” The Bible is true and its’ principles have stood the test of time over thousands of years because, just like God, they are eternal.

When we base our beliefs on the Bible and, in turn, our actions on those beliefs, we have what is called a Biblical worldview. Sadly, much of our society today, does not share this worldview and belief in God or His son Jesus. Trust the Bible. Trust in the principles and teachings of the Bible.

Trust, also, in the God of the Bible, who sent His Son, Jesus, to take our place on the cross and pay for all of our sins with His blood. His sacrifice makes it possible for us to receive God’s forgiveness and salvation. In trusting Jesus as our Savior, we accept God’s offer of grace and redemption and receive the promise of a home with Him in heaven throughout all of eternity.

If you would like to know more about what we believe and why, be sure to contact me. I will be glad to help you in any way I can.


Above picture: The Sea of Galilee